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    EXPLAINED -> SFF unpack wth is dir_list ? How to minimize the size of your new sff fil


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    EXPLAINED -> SFF unpack wth is dir_list ? How to minimize the size of your new sff fil

    Post by Provanz on Thu Aug 27, 2009 8:37 am

    Well, good thing feartec made dir_list , but I hope it can have like GUI so we can select files in just some clicks and pack it, which would give me and others way more LESS time consuming.

    When you unpack any sff files with feartec's unpacker/packer, you will notice something called dir_list.txt

    ..... awkward to end this intro but o well...

    dir_list is a list. (Obviously) It tells which files to pack again. When you unpack it makes lists of whole files within this particular sff file you extracted.

    Open a dir_list .. any .. if you just unpacked a sff file with feartec's program.

    It shows trillians of words and lists that you dont care about, and you dont want to care about, you dont think about, and so on so fourth.
    Here is an example of some lines.


    READ: This looks like a one line, but actaully notepad is misreading. if you press a backspace between kst, and cctv, nothing will happen, since it is SPACED.
    (The real reader should go this order)


    (Unpacked scr_001.sff and this is one of the first line i think)
    Now you see how notepad can be confusing?

    This means to pack three files, with one folder named cctv.
    How do I know this is three files? OK.. dont be dumb .. I will make three separate lines.




    cctv = A folder named cctv
    bridgeCCTV.kst etc. = A file named .kst
    = contains

    So if you want to pack a particular file in "omg" folder, here is an example code


    If you want omg folder inside another folder.. (ex called.. "OMgz"),


    Wait here! it will only pack this one file if you do this, say you edited three files, then you need three directories.


    That will pack three files called roar.kst , roar.idk, and a roar.exe
    And dont forget.. those files will be inside OMgz -> omg folders.

    There you pack it, you get this nice SMALL MINISCULE size of sff file, and you just gotta name it one number higher.
    (For scr, IT has to be always 001 (overwrite, and dont change dir_list) For weapon_0**.sff s, you cant edit those so dont even thinnk about it. (as of now u cant))
    When I mean one number higher..
    If your menu file's last number is menu_070.sff for example, name it menu_071.sff and it will overwrite those edited files, and you have this NICE LITTLE small sff file, and you can share this lil thing just like I did for my hacks.

    I hope I made sure you guys understood, but if you didnt.. o well.. this shouldnt sound that hard, cuz I am newbie coder as well.

    PS: because I need to let people know lil more about IPB not vbulletin most of who know..

    The thanks button is at bottom of each post/reply just above multiquote.
    Give me + c0z this took me like 10 ~15 min .. just typing all .. maybe i think 10 min though but still

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