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    Gadget bypasser tool for wallhack undetected


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    Gadget bypasser tool for wallhack undetected

    Post by Admin on Sat May 08, 2010 2:17 pm

    Sa mga intereresado lang to na makagamit ng hack provide kau ng mga kailanagan sa pag assemble ng gadget....medyo gagastos kau pero di nman masasayang gastos nyo.....

    100% no game guard corrupted pg ginamit nyo to......

    lahat ng tutorial nasa loob ng mga files, basahing maiigi ang mga instruction sa loob ng files bago magsimulang gumawa ng gadget bypasser tool for wallhack....

    recommend for pc:

    fast pc (dualcore or core to duo) undetected

    semi fast pc (pentium 4 3.0 processor 1gb memory with video card 128mb or higher) undetected

    for slow pc ( like loading of SF from gamestart almost 30 secs) detected

    here is the proof video:
    may 7, 2010

    ito pa nakawallhack+windowmode+speedhack

    these are also a video proof for past 2 days

    here is the download link of all files:

    alkey99.iso ?tzmk5qimint

    procedure for making gadget bypasser tool ?2rjdjjgvelz

    software tools for wallhack ?jnzoa2xi4yy

    another link: all files in this link

    please dont post bad comment if your not interested to my post just leave from my post if you dont like it ok?

    note: this post will be remain permanent for only lockednload members but only 1 thing for sure...

    dont try to copy paste my post to the other site...
    im also a member of other hacker site...
    malalaman ko rin nman kung may ngpost ng post ko sa ibang site...

    pag nalaman kung may ng post ng post ko sa ibang site delete ko lahat ng files ko sa downloadlink...

    im always active 24/7 alive to all hacker site...

    Goodluck to all who wants to try my gadget bypasser tools...

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    Re: Gadget bypasser tool for wallhack undetected

    Post by schaughn on Tue Nov 02, 2010 12:15 am

    what is this for what does it do?

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