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    Elite Gunz CUSTOM Crosshair


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    Elite Gunz CUSTOM Crosshair

    Post by GzC-CoPoster on Sun Sep 26, 2010 12:26 am

    How to use in game:

    First: Right click and save to you desktop.

    Second: Go to My computer > Local disk (C:) > Program Files > DarkGunz.

    Third: If you have a folder titled CUSTOM, click and make another folder within that folder labeled CROSSHAIR.

    Fourth: Either Copy and Paste, or drag and drop both pictures into the CROSSHAIR folder.

    Fifth: Rename the one that is going to be your 'Default' crosshair (The white one) when you are not targeting someone as crosshair.

    Sixth: Rename the one that you want.. (Usually red) as your targeted crosshair to crosshair_pick.

    Six and a-Half: Look at the top of your folder.. Click 'View' and select Thumbnails.

    Seventh: Close the folder and Start up Darkgunz.

    Eighth: Go to options > Misc > Crosshair. And it should be titled Custom.

    Ninth: Exit options and Rape. ^_^.

    Download Link :
    Code: ?yby7s44d3o42z1a

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