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    (NEW) RoomHackHPAP


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    (NEW) RoomHackHPAP

    Post by GzC-CoPoster on Wed Oct 13, 2010 12:57 pm

    Welcome EliteGunz Gamer
    How to use GunzExp.dll?

    EliteGUNZ Hack GunzExp.dll

    1. RUN Elite GUNZ
    2. Open Injex.exe

    3. CLick browse/..
    4. Choose GunzExp.dll
    5. Click Windows, click "The Duel"
    6. Click Injex Button

    - SUCCESS -

    MY VIDEO In Elite Gunz This Wek !

    How to use?

    Now, create a game, then use this name commands
    or [G] or [J] or [M] or [N] or [RB] or [RL] or [S]

    Added high jump. Deleted infinity jump.
    Added high speed.
    HP/AP by chat. (Press F9.)

    Room name commands list :
    [B] =Reload bullet infinity.
    [G] =Gravity 25%.
    [J] =Jump power 200%.
    [M] =No massives.
    [N] =Name hack.
    [RB] =Reverse berserker.
    [RL] =Rocket launcher from sword.
    [S] =Walk speed 150%

    In-game hotkeys :
    F9 =Show up HP/AP.

    ••••> GunzEXP Hack
    ••••> ?f7u9p877pu2yx36

    Credit TO :
    & RockStyleX

    Don Forget Press Thanks

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