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    Crossfire D3D hack HACKING Advisory


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    Crossfire D3D hack HACKING Advisory

    Post by rap22 on Fri Jan 21, 2011 10:19 pm

    Crossfire is having a PATCH u p d a t e
    on january 25,2011

    there were new rules implemented of [GM] SLASH

    The next patch will include new security features to effectively block the "Flyhack" tool as well as a record hack tools detected by the game's security system.

    We will be enforcing the new penalties to players who have been logged by the security system as having a true positive detection. This system can differentiate between actual hack tool usage and false positive detection due to irregular client files or client behavior. So there is no chance that logged users will be mistakenly penalized for false positive detection.

    We will be posting more details soon but for now we are issuing a warning and a notice to all players and internet cafes that they must re-install their Cross Fire clients or download/copy a specific dll file from a clean version of a current Cross Fire client (for Windows XP users) or they will be detected as hack tool users even if they do not run the Flyhack tool.

    This is because usage of the hack tool modifies a specific dll file within the game client. Hence, traces of hack usage can still be detected by the game's security system.

    Clean up your game clients, your acts, and delete that hack tool immediately as it will be rendered useless after the upcoming patch.

    Here is the follow-up information as well as some answers to potential questions about the update:

    hgw hack Detection and Logging Feature

    Whenever getting a hack tool detected message a code will appear at the end of the message:

    Number Code (1.0) to (1.99) - True positive hack tool usage detection.
    Number Code (2.0) to (9.0) - These error messages vary based on the irregularities of your client's behavior. Encountering this error code will not mean you are using a hack tool. But your client or computer is behaving irregularly.
    Number Code (1000) to (1004) - Same as the number code (2.0) to (9.0).

    All of the above number codes are logged when a user is disconnected due to "hack tool detection" by the hgw client.

    Only players with Number Codes (1.0) to (1.99) will be penalized. To give players and internet cafe owners more time to clean up their computers, players with the number codes with true positive hack tool usage detection will be penalized starting February 1, 2011. On week after the patch update on January 25, 2011.

    We believe this is in the best interests of all players in general. However, keep in mind that we will have a zero tolerance policy for players logged to have true positive hack tool usage after the grace period.

    Flyhack Tool

    As mentioned, the current test client of the January update patch will detect this hack tool and will kick users from the game upon detection. There are cases where hack tool users will not be kicked due to the number of hack tool users coming into the game. However, we have also increased the hgw "kicks per second" for this update. It will also increase depending on the results after the patch.

    For Windows 7 users, the flyhack tool will be detected when you run the program. If you do not have the program running, then you will not be detected by the game.

    However for Windows XP users, this flyhack tool modifies the ltmsg.dll file of your Cross Fire client. So as long as a computer used the hack tool once, it will always be detected as true positive since traces of having used the hack remains in the computer.

    The Solution

    For Windows XP users, you have two solutions:

    1.) Re-install your Cross Fire client and patch it to the latest version after completely deleting the hack tool from your computer.

    2.) Download or copy a clean version of the ltmsg.dll file and replace it in your Cross Fire folder. This file is located in the main Cross Fire folder.

    Download the clean ltmsg.dll file BELOW (in attachments)


    1.) Why is Cross Fire doing something this complicated?

    Answer: You want better anti-cheat security, you got it. You want more efficient player enforcement, you got it. We're announcing everything in advance so everyone will be well informed.

    2.) Can't you just make the patcher replace the files?

    Answer: We have updated the client patch to include the ltmsg.dll file. However, this will only work when you patch the first time. If the hack tool is used after the initial patch, you will have to manually replace the file in order to prevent getting detected as a hack tool user.

    3.) What about players playing in internet cafes? I don't use hacks but somebody who used my rented terminal might have.

    Answer: That is why we have a grace period. Also, if the computer has traces of hack tools, nobody will be able to play Cross Fire on that computer. So internet cafes will have to make sure to remove all traces of the hack tools from now on.

    4.) What does this mean for new hacks that can break the game security?

    Answer: It is very simple. We are getting a more effective way to block, log, and discourage hack tool usage. If you do not want to get problems with the client or find your accounts or clients (in internet cafes) banned, we suggest that you stop using hack tools or allowing players to use hack tools.

    Players who do not use hack tools must also be vigilant where they play or regularly read the forums on new hack tools and advance warnings on true-positive behavior detection. You can always carry the clean ltmsg.dll file with you and replace the Cross Fire client folder with the said file to ensure you won't encounter a true-positive detection when running in a cafe pc.

    5.) What about the other error codes?

    Answer: If you get them regularly, don't worry, you won't get banned. But you should report the error code to us and provide us with additional information as requested in order to for us to pinpoint the exact problem. It might take time since these error codes vary from case to case. Sometimes a fresh re-install is not enough because there are external programs causing the client to detect hack tool behavior.


    Attachment ?x7lo3aro1k8xcc4

    Instructions for use
    extract the dll. to
    c://my computer>>program files>>gameclub>>philippines>>crossfire

    NOTE:only the users who uses the chinese hack//flyhack

    do not use the hack again on the logged user on the computer banned!

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