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    Lates hack For MAT


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    Lates hack For MAT

    Post by GzC-CoPoster on Thu Feb 03, 2011 1:09 pm

    (CIB/SUBA Anticheat Fix) MAT Automaton (God Mode Edition [SUBA & CIB])

    MAT Automaton
    By dB

    ScreenShot ! Re-Upload
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    MAT Automaton is a framework that employs the Python 3 interpreter to allow MAT players to script the behaviour of their player. With Pyreal, MAT Automaton provides tight bindings with the Unreal Engine. As a result, it is possible to write code similar to Unreal Script with full access to Unreal Engine internals. MAT Automaton includes an in game command line console and a graphical menu. A sample aimbot/wallhack script is included, but users are encouraged to modify it or write their own.

    Changes in this version
    Fix for CIB anticheat update (not fully tested)
    Minor adjustment to launcher (Filter for "MAT.exe")
    Includes new script updating system
    Added reset, forcealt and forcenorm shortcut links to the installer.


    1. Start the launcher via the shortcut in the start menu.
    2. If you are running Windows XP or Vista/W7 with UAC disabled, start the game and the injection will be performed automatically. Otherwise, MAT Automaton will ask you for the location of of your MAT executable (MAT.exe) (e.g. \Program Files\MAT\System\MAT.exe)

    Press END to access the menu.
    Press INSERT to access the console.
    Press NUMPAD 0 to toggle auto aim.
    Press NUMPAD 1 to toggle indicator wallhack.
    Press NUMPAD 2 to toggle wireframe wallhack.
    Press NUMPAD 3 to toggle auto firing.

    The scripts are located in the directory "Scripts" accessible from the installation path.

    For an introduction to Python refer to The Python Tutorial

    More importantly for a reference on the Unreal Engine refer to Unreal Wiki

    I would love to see others contribute scripts, as the goal of this project is to see what types of creative things people come up with.

    Here is a snippet of the included script, just to whet your appetite:

    # If we are auto aiming
    if ( AutoAim and PC.Pawn ):
        # Look for the best target
        BestPawn    = None
        BestLocation = None
        for Pawn in PC.DynamicActors ( PawnClass, PC ):
            # Check if the pawn is valid
            if ( not self.Valid ( Pawn ) or Pawn == PC.Pawn or not self.Damagable ( Pawn ) ): continue
            # If it is a team game make sure we are on a different team
            if ( not self.FriendlyFire and self.SameTeam ( Pawn ) ): continue
            # Setup bones list
            BoneList = ( self.BonePrecedence == BONE_Root ) \
                and [Pawn.RootBone, Pawn.HeadBone] \
                or  [Pawn.HeadBone, Pawn.RootBone]
            # Find a visible bone
            for bone in BoneList:
                # Fetch the bone coords
                BoneCoords = Pawn.GetBoneCoords ( bone )
                # Calculate the location
                BoneLocation = BoneCoords.Origin + BoneCoords.XAxis + BoneCoords.YAxis + BoneCoords.ZAxis
                # Conditionally apply latency correction
                if ( self.LatencyCorrection ):
                    BoneLocation += self.Correction ( PC, Pawn, deltatime )
                # Adjust according to projectile physics
                if ( PC.Pawn.Weapon and PC.Pawn.Weapon.FireMode [ FireMode ] and PC.Pawn.Weapon.FireMode [ FireMode ].ProjectileClass ):
                    Projectile = PC.Pawn.Weapon.FireMode [ FireMode ].ProjectileClass.Default
                    if ( Projectile and Projectile.Speed != 0 and Projectile.Physics != PHYS_Falling ):
                        BoneLocation += Pawn.Velocity * ( abs ( BoneLocation - CameraLocation ) / Projectile.Speed )
                # Do the check
                if ( Pawn.FastTrace ( BoneLocation, CameraLocation ) ):
                    # Is this the best one?
                    if ( not BestPawn or self.Compare ( BestPawn, Pawn ) ):
                        BestPawn    = Pawn
                        BestLocation = BoneLocation
        if ( BestPawn ):
            # We've found a valid target, so lets set the rotation and fire as required
            PC.ClientSetRotation ( ( BestLocation - CameraLocation ).Rotation () )
            if ( self.AutoFire and PC.Pawn.Weapon ): PC.Pawn.Weapon.ClientStartFire ( FireMode )

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