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    Release-->Power Iso...


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    Release-->Power Iso...

    Post by KiDsLasher on Fri Aug 14, 2009 2:01 pm

    1. if you have daemon tools or any virtual cd software pls uninstall it.
    2. restart your computer after uninstalling it
    3. extract the powerIso and install it then restart
    4. crack the power iso. the crack is included in the rar file
    5. exit the power iso icon tray. (if your familiar with the icon tray on the bottom right side of your

    desktop where system time is displayed exit the power iso icon)
    6. extract the sucrose file.
    then go to my computer and right click the virtual drive youve just installed

    7. choose poweriso and mount image.
    8. mount the sucrose.iso that you have extracted.
    9. after mounting double click the virtual drive to access what you have just mounted on number 8
    10. double click OMFGZ MultiDll Injector
    11. then browse for the sucrose.dll
    12. WHERE To INJECT? -choose EXE NAME
    13. for the Process Exe name? BROWSE for specialforce.exe
    14. How to INject? CHOOSE AUTO
    15. open now your sf launcher and login.
    if error appear just click ok and ok.
    after injecting you will notice that the OMFGZ MultiDll injector.exe will vanish

    16. immediately unmount your sucrose.iso ( go to my computer -> right click virtual drive -> choose

    poweriso -> and unmount or unmount all drives
    17 then just press ok for the error.
    18. join game and play

    19. exit and disable all anti viruses and anti malware and repeat the instruction from number1 to 18.

    activation: press numpad 1, numpad 2, and numpad 5

    Download here: ?sharekey=22a5f002d5ca9e8a00d27174b47c6657e04e75f6e8ebb871

    Press Thanks if i HELP..:p


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    Re: Release-->Power Iso...

    Post by dhark05 on Thu Jan 28, 2010 11:01 am

    d po ako mkapag download d po pwede sa pc nmin ehhhh

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